Facility Use

Please read if this is what we offer is what you are needing/wanting.

Please read over the rules first. We will try this out for a year if we feel like it becomes more work than what it’s worth and or if people have lack of respect to facilities we will not do this in 2024 if that turns out to be the case.

Indoor and Outdoor arena (outdoor arena renovation pics coming soon!)

The Barrel Pen

You have a 14ft wide and almost 70ft long alleyway. Warm up area (the warm up area will be covered by this coming fall). First and second barrel are 21’ to the center of the barrel off the fence. First and second barrel are 82’ 2” across the pen from center to center. First second to third barrel are 97’ 2” Down the pen. Plenty of room to let your horses stretch their legs out ! Laser barrel setters from roof will be marking the barrels, and new Farmtek timers!

Our Philosophy

This is some dummy copy. You’re not really supposed to read this dummy copy, it is just a place holder for people who need some type to visualize what the actual copy might look like if it were real content.


This is some dummy copy. You’re not really supposed to read this dummy copy, it is just a place holder for people who need some type to visualize what the actual copy might look like if it were real content.

Rules :

✔️ you must sign a release form before riding this will be good for a year.

✔️ call, message, call call call ! you must schedule at least 24 hours in advance and call to make sure it is not privately rented out. Our private renters will be catered to first and the arena reserved for them only, If you are riding by the head you will have to share with whoever is there and get along. If you do not call before you haul and just show up and the arena is rented out privately, you will NOT be allowed to ride with the ones who planned ahead and have it rented out for the day. Or if you do not call and we are busy due to lack of planning on your end and management is not there you will not be allowed to ride. Bottom line keep it simple communication will be key we are more than willing to help you but you have to allow us time to be able to get everything set up for you. We may have jackpots or events ourselves that we are trying to prep for so please call before coming out.

✔️ pick up trash, if you leave your trash I am not your momma, I do not want to have to pick up after you. Please throw away your trash we have cans and trash bins everywhere. Even your horn rubbers please do not just throw them in the arena please place them in the trash!!!

✔️  manure – we live here and want our place to stay nice and neat. We want your horses comfortable and fly free in the trailer just as much as you do, you can clean out your trailers but please when you scoop it out scatter it some with your pooper scooper don’t just leave a massive pile where everyone parks to have to drive around.

✔️ we have construction going on all during the summer and arena renovations improvements will be going on it goes back to don’t just show up out of the blue just call before heading out. That way you don’t get upset if we have to ask you to leave due to arena not being opened. We don’t want to waste your fuel or time, more than not, it will be opened but just plan ahead.

Rates :

$20/horse no reservations meaning : anyone can come out at that time/day no lights (stays pretty bright during the day natural light)

(call in advance make sure it’s not been rented privately) but you and 10 other people may be there. Or you may be lucky and it just be you. Be respectful and share space and communicate with one another. This is for trainers needing to train on horses in an indoor and ride around you can set up barrels poles etc arena will get drug once in the morning and in the afternoon could be more if we are available to do it!! But no guarantee on more, we have other jobs but can make it work for morning and lunch breaks.

$400 for a day to reserve it for yourself privately (or a small group of people you want to go with to block out the arena) for all day – ground watered a day before, and will schedule to work ground every hour, timers and lights on if needed jackpot style.

It’s $1500 to rent it out for an event and that’s with our groundsmen, our equipment tractor etc or $1000 you bring your your own stuff hire your own people.

Clinics – $2500 : 1/2 day Friday, all day Saturday, 1/2 day Sunday lights, concession kitchen, ground worked, sound system etc . part of the pasture will be available indoor outdoor arena TV for filming reviews etc .

Weddings, shows, other miscellaneous events call us.

Jackpot Benefits- for people in need for hospital bills, fires, cancer etc special rates apply please call.




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