Beautiful indoor arena hosting WR Productions LLC Events

Barrel Racers not only do we plan to have some great events, prizes, more added money than this area has seen, fun side-pots and safe ground! But with our events, you have a 14ft wide and almost 70ft long alleyway. Warm up area (the warm up area will be covered by this coming fall). First and second barrel are 21’ to the center of the barrel off the fence. First and second barrel are 82’ 2” across the pen from center to center. First second to third barrel are 97’ 2” Down the pen. Plenty of room to let your horses stretch their legs out ! Laser barrel setters from roof will be marking the barrels, and new farmtek timers!

Introducing our Platinum Partner, Elite Steel Buildings!


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Our Services

Timed Event Production brought to Western Oklahoma by WR Productions LLC!

We offer barrel racing jackpots, barrel racing series events, big added money barrel racing events and team roping events.

We also have the arena available to host events by other producers.

Our goal is to help the equine industry and keep it growing we will have fun side raffles at some of the events. Prizes. 3D high rollers. Make it worth keeping your equine partner in your trailer ! Feed is expensive horses are expensive may as well make a run and make it count !

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C2 performance therapy

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