Barrel Racing

BARREL RACING RESULTS~~ Starting Sept, 2023, our results can be found at

I hope y’all are excited as we are to have this in Western Oklahoma! Added money, food, good ground !

Our series will have awards at the end of the series.

Every event will have slack option to get everyone home faster!

Wednesday night day race series will be welcoming Community Connection Fellowship’s Pastor Jason Wilhelm who will lead us in church starting at 6pm -6:45 race to follow, not mandatory but come as you are open to everyone.

Projected dates some may change due to life but will be postponed never canceled!

Our goal is to help the equine industry and keep it growing we will have fun side raffles at some of the events. Prizes. 3D high rollers. Make it worth keeping your equine partner in your trailer !

Feed is expensive horses are expensive may as well make a run and make it count !